Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Ho Chi Minh

FireGroup envisions and strives to make an e-Commerce world where every merchant can succeed a reality. Since founded in 2016, we have specialized in providing a comprehensive portfolio of category-leading SaaS products for the global e-Commerce market, including online store development, store management, sales & marketing automation, and almost every aspect of running an online business.

After almost a decade in the market, we are loved by over 450,000 merchants and enterprises across 175+ countries and highly trusted by our globally renowned partners such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Google, Meta, Tiktok, and Amazon. To continue empowering more merchants, we always welcome new tech talents who work toward a rewarding career and live by our core values.

Why to build your career with us

  • Make your impact globally on hundreds of thousands of merchants’ success
  • Develop your skills in a fast-paced and highly competitive SaaS market
  • Create and grow continuously among passionate talents with growth mindsets

Firegroup’s CTO is in a leadership role that is pivotal in aligning technology strategies with business goals. Their responsibilities span across various domains, encompassing both strategic and leadership functions:

  1. Technology Strategy and Innovation: 
  • Be entrusted with defining and executing the company's technological vision. This involves staying abreast of technology trends or emerging technologies, assessing their relevance to the business, and recommending innovative solutions that provide a competitive edge.
  1. Team Leadership and Management: 
  • Be responsible for leading and managing the technology team, which includes software developers, engineers, data scientists, and other IT professionals. 
  • To help with time management and provide guidance, mentorship, and resources to ensure efficient and effective project execution and in accordance with the company 07 core values.
  1. Technical Architecture and Infrastructure:
  • To design the organization's technical architecture and infrastructure, ensuring scalability, security, and reliability. 
  • To evaluate and adopt suitable technologies that streamline operations and enhance performance.
  1. Product Development:
  • To collaborate with cross-functional teams to drive the development of technology products aligned with business goals. 
  • To oversee the entire product lifecycle, from concept to launch.
  1. Research and Development (R&D): 
  • Continuous innovation is a cornerstone of this role. This involves leading R&D efforts, experimenting with new technologies, and fostering a culture of creativity and exploration within the technology team.
  1. Cybersecurity and Risk Management: In an era of heightened cyber threats:
  • To ensure robust cybersecurity measures across the organization's digital landscape. 
  • To develop and implement strategies to mitigate risks and protect sensitive data.
  1. Strategic Partnerships: 
  • To often forge strategic partnerships with technology vendors, startups, and industry leaders. 
  • To facilitate these collaborations can lead to the adoption of cutting-edge solutions and the exploration of new business opportunities.
  1. Budgeting and Resource Allocation:
  • To effectively manage the resources. 
  • To create and manage technology budgets, allocating resources optimally to support various initiatives while maintaining financial discipline.
  1. Cross-Functional Collaboration: 
  • To collaborate with other executives, such as the CIO and CEO, to understand business needs and ensure technology solutions align with those needs.

With digital transformation at the forefront of business strategy, our CTO has emerged as a key player in the C-suite. A highly skilled CTO can make all the difference in propelling your organization towards its short- and long-term goals.

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field.
  • 8+ years of experience in a similar technology leadership role.
  • Experience in SaaS and e-commerce product development. 
  • Extensive experience in software development, systems architecture,  infrastructure management, and driving digital transformation initiatives.
  • Strong strategic thinking and the ability to translate business objectives into effective technology strategies.
  • Good leadership and team management skills, with the ability to inspire and develop high-performing technology teams.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to leverage data and insights for informed decision-making.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills.
Job Benefits

We believe that motivation & personality of the employees are the only shortcut to the promotion of the corporate and contributions to the society. We will try our best to create a corporate environment where all employees can realize their dreams and goals.

Featured benefits include:

  • Have opportunity to work with global merchants and join the dynamic, young and friendly project team; stable career path;
  • Attractive salary based on skills and experience; 13th month salary & seniority bonus; Employee’s marriage, maternity bonus; Birthday voucher gift;
  • Annual salary review;
  • PTI Healthcare, annual health check;
  • Regular technical seminar & external/ internal training courses;
  • Providing free coffee, tea & snack;
  • Internal engagement events: Team-building; Town-hall, birthday gift voucher, mid-autumn, new year and kick-off parties, yearly company trip;
  • FireGroup Sports Clubs: Running, Football, Badminton, etc;
  • Laptop/ PC/ Monitor are provided

Should you need more information about this job, reach out to us at:

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