FireGroup Company Tour: A Day of Inspiration and Learning for Students from Heading For The Future Competition
FireGroup Company Tour: A Day of Inspiration and Learning for Students from Heading For The Future Competition

On June 14, 2024, the atmosphere at our Ho Chi Minh City office buzzed with excitement as we welcomed 150 enthusiastic students from the University of Science, University of Information Technology, University of Economics, Foreign Trade University, and other esteemed institutions for the FireGroup Company Tour. This event, part of FireGroup’s collaboration with the Heading For The Future – Data Analysis competition, was designed to connect and support young talent.

Heading for the Future (H4TF) is an ecosystem of projects by AIESEC in Vietnam, aimed at equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and professional mindset needed to thrive in emerging fields. Through diverse programs and practical experiences, students gain a deeper understanding of industry demands and enhance their personal growth through AIESEC’s Leadership Development Model.

In-Depth Insights into FireGroup’s Technological Solutions

Our FireGroup team, played a pivotal role in making this event a success. They prepared detailed presentations on our technology solutions, which are trusted by thousands of sellers worldwide, including OneMobile – Mobile App Builder, Zopi – AliExpress Dropshipping, TrueProfit – Profit Analytics, Ali Reviews – Product Reviews, and Transcy – AI Language Translate. These sessions provided the students from H4TF with a comprehensive understanding of our solutions for the e-commerce and dropshipping markets, and the process of developing such solutions in a tech company.

Our Firer shared information about our solutions with the students

The students toured the workspace at FireGroup

Exploring Sustainable Careers and IKIGAI

After a tour of the office, where students got a feel of our dynamic work environment and met people at FireGroup, they attended a session on Sustainable Careers led by our Head of Culture & IC, Nguyen Quoc Hung. This session introduced the concept of IKIGAI, helping students understand how to align their passions with their professional pursuits to achieve a fulfilling career.

The students were very energetic and engaged during the presentations by our speaker

Our Head of Culture & IC shared insights on the topic of Sustainable Careers

Learning about Data Visualization

To support students in the Heading for the Future competition, our Head of Division, Bui Cong Dang, shared his expertise on Data Visualization. This critical skill is essential for achieving high scores in the competition, and the session provided students with practical knowledge to enhance their presentations.

Our Head of Division shared knowledge on Data Visualization

The students participated in an interactive game to test their knowledge after the presentation

Interactive Q&A with Industry Experts

The event also featured an interactive Q&A session, offering students the opportunity to engage directly with industry experts. Our Firers, Thanh Le (Head of Division), Nga Nguyen (Head of HR), and Quan Phan (Data Analyst), addressed a variety of questions ranging from technical knowledge to career opportunities in Data Analysis, and what employers look for in fresh graduates aspiring to become Data Analysts.

Through this enriching experience from FireGroup Company Tour, we hope that these young tech and data talents have gained valuable insights and practical knowledge from our real-world work environment. This will help them navigate their career paths and build a solid foundation for their future.

Looking ahead, FireGroup remains committed to fostering community spirit and enhancing our partnerships with various communities and universities. Our goal is to connect with students and cultivate the next generation of bright, talented leaders.

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